8.06.06 | that's (NOT) all, folks

So last night was the last show for Kevin and Raj. Good bye and good luck. It was fun playing with youse. Some people have been saying that R_r is through now, but it’s actually a new beginning. I am talking to some very talented people who are interested in keeping the fire burning. While it will certainly not be the same without my 2 bros, we still plan on releasing records and hopefully touring. Bare with us, and we will deliver some fresh tunes hopefully in early ‘07, Keep us at There’s a new track up there, btw.


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5.06.06 | last trio show

This is it.

Last time Tommy Raj and Kev play together.

Madrone Lounge, SF Divis@Hayes.

Wed night. Check us out one last time before R_r becomes something completely different.
Electric-Visions OC

25.04.06 | Request of our Listeners

If any of you subscribe to eMusic, we are asking for a few reviews (follow link), mainly for personal feedback, but also in order to maximize the profile of Metro North on the site.

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15.03.06 | Electronic Delivery

Thanks to N5MD and Iris, we are now available for purchase on iTunes music store and on eMusic!

or more specifically for eMusic members,


eMusic is subscription based and has lots of great artists, genres, and surprising titles in its catalog. We were members before discovering that Metro North is available and are delighted to be part of their quality offerings.

12.01.06 | Igloo Magazine Review and Thank You!

Two more wonderful reviews of our Animals are Beautiful People seven inch and Metro North are in from Mark Teppo at Igloo Magazine.

Check them out, here

Also, we’d like to give a big thank you to everyone who came out to out record release party at the Hemlock Tavern last friday. We wouldn’t be here without all of you.

4.01.06 | Another rad review

The best yet, in fact, although we gotta stop being described as the best band you “never heard.” :D

Lost at Sea

We’re also a pick for Flavor Pill this week!

Flavor Pill SF


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